Charlotte Maxeke, ‘Mother of Black Freedom’

In segregated South Africa, Charlotte Mannya Maxeke dedicated her life to the struggle for women’s rights and education for all. Her pioneering role is only now being rediscovered and more widely reported once again.

Beauty of the Heart

This book offers something new and different from what we already know about Charlotte Maxeke. It brings fresh data to light on her life and weaves this information into a compelling life story that is neither gushing in its praise nor stingy in its acknowledgement of this remarkable leader. It also publishes never-before seen photographs, which […]

Beauty of the Heart book launch in Grahamstown

Abenathi Gqomo, a radio journalism student at Rhodes University, and Paige Muller, sat down with her during an interview for Rhodes Music Radio (RMR) to discuss Charlotte Maxeke, the first black female graduate in SA and the process that led to the publishing of the book. Listen to the full interview or read an extract […]

Charlotte Maxeke written back into history

In the lead up to the 60th celebration of the 20,000 women who marched strong against the pass laws, and as we see the resurgence of women-led activism on campuses across the country, Zubeida Jaffer’s new book on the historical activist, Charlotte Mannya Maxeke, could not have come at a better time.