Mosques need to take up the issue of violence against women

On 9 August 2018, National Women’s Day, Zubeida Jaffer spoke to Tashreeq Truebody of Radio 786 about her life as a woman who had lived through the “belly of the beast” that was Apartheid.

Jaffer said the levels of violence against women in today’s society is “very upsetting” and that not enough is being done to address issues affecting women.

“We are reaching a point where, unless we get up and take this problem on, we are going to continue suffering.”

She said society needed to engage in more discussions around how to deal with the current dilemmas facing women. “I would like to see that the khutbas (Friday sermons)…be focused on what’s going on with women and how they’re being treated.”

She called on the younger generation to “step up to the plate.”

Listen to the full interview below.



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