De Klerk poorly advised

By Zubeida Jaffer In his last days, Mr F W De Klerk appears to have been poorly advised by those around him.  His statement has disturbed the psyche of our nation. Instead of bringing closure, it has unleashed memories that are difficult to process. It required a monumental effort from many to stop apartheid. And […]

Tiny ripples can lead to tsunamis of change

By Ashley Forbes Death seems everywhere, as does suffering and despair. I recently visited an old comrade, a respected activist who feels isolated and severely depressed, grieves the loss of family and close friends who due to COVID19 have recently passed, and like many I know, is driven to despair, even to the point of […]

Israeli lobbyists distort Mandela legacy

By Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela  “Where is the Palestinian Mandela?” is a question I have often heard from Israel’s defenders. What they are really asking is where is the Palestinian equivalent of Nelson Mandela – a man who, they believe, offered only olive branches and dialogue? Where is the Palestinian version of Mandela, who – in […]

The Zindzi I knew

By Shannon Ebrahim Zindzi Mandela was larger than life, someone I deeply admired and loved for her immense bravery and passion for justice. She was absolutely her Mother’s daughter, and that is how she would want to be remembered. Having spent the past two years since her Mother’s passing in deep anguish and pain, mother […]

Remembering Ashley

Ashley Kriel was murdered on 9 July 1987. This is an excerpt from Our Generation, my memoir, to be released in a second edition soon.

Harlan Cloete remembers Ben Turok

13 December 2019 During the turbulent 80s Dr Haran Cloete was a student at UWC (University of the Working Class), where he was introduced to Prof Ben Turok through his book, Africa what is to be done? A seminal piece of work that displayed the prowess of a practical academic (pracademic). Post 94, he finally […]

Haron and Biko – fallen heroes who died in September

Two dates in September are hard for me to forget – 12 and 27 September. On 12 September 1977, 42 years ago, Steve Bantu Biko was murdered in police custody. He was 30 years old. On the 27 September 1969, 50 years ago, Imam Abdullah Haron, at age 45, faced the same fate. Both deaths […]


By Dr Allan Boesak Honourable Judge Siraj Desai and the Board of the District Six Museum, Family of Essa and Dullah, Friends, Brothers and Sisters: What a privilege and honour to join you today in rejoicing in the life and work of two such remarkable and outstanding South Africans, in life friends to all of […]