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We did it and can do it

My thoughts on Freedom Day 27 April 2019


We South Africans fought back fiercely and successfully against the cruelty of colonialism and apartheid. On Freedom Day, I celebrate that collective spirit of tireless effort that defeated those who were so cruel. We did it.!

Twenty-five years on, I remain proud and hopeful but deeply concerned.

Greed and incivility dominate our public discourse. Greed translates into corruption and excessive profiteering. Those who stand accused like Markus Jooste and Ace Magashule continue to wander around freely. Incivility translates into rudeness and inciting fear, both behaviours we don’t deserve as a people.

A year from now we will face the same conditions and into the future if we do not combine and collectively fight greed and incivility. Until we defeat these tendencies, we will not be able to relax on Freedom Day.

We want a South Africa that is just and fair, a South Africa where no one goes to bed hungry.  We don’t need fanciness and grand parties. We need the basic living conditions of every South African to be decent so that our grandchildren and their children will one day fully enjoy the benefits of the sacrifices so many people made for freedom. I have no doubt that we can do it!