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Our Generation

Our generation the astoundingly accomplished debut memoir of Zubeida Jaffer, journalist, activist and mother. It burst onto the South African Literary scene in 2003 with a refreshing insight into the struggle against apartheid, told from the perspective of a young mother. Zubeida played an important role in the resistance movement in the Western Cape, from the early nineteen eighties; later she was a key organiser in the formation of the United Democratic Front. This account spans twenty-one years from 1980 to 2001, covering her initial detention, up to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings, at which she testified. The genius of the book lies in its intimacy. 

Love in the Time of Treason

It’s 1997, political activist Ayesha Dawood is standing at the Worcester train station patiently waiting for the Blue train to arrive. On board is Nelson Mandela, whom Ayesha is hoping to see for the first time in more than forty years. The last time they met was in the fifties, during the Treason Trial – the trial that changes both their lives for ever. Little could she have known what lay ahead of her… In Love in the Time of Treason, Ayesha Dawood’s love story unfolds against the backdrop of South Africa’s turbulent political history. Set both in South Africa and India, the story is a moving tribute to her life. 

Beauty of the Heart

Beauty of the heart offers something new and different from what we already know about Charlotte Maxeke.  It brings fresh data to light on her life and weaves this information into a compelling life story that is neither gushing in its praise nor stingy in its acknowledgement of his remarkable leader. It also publishes never-before-seen photographs, which allow one to sense and know the subject in ways not evident in previous photographs.

Most of all this book reminds us that even in those dark and difficult days of the late 19th and early 20th century, there was the possibility of hope when moral leaders stood up amidst the desperation of those times and laid the foundation for a new country which would patiently come many decades later. It is a message that, thanks to Charlotte Maxeke and Zubeida Jaffer, we so desperately need to be reminded of today.