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Gülen calls conditions in Turkey worse than military coup PDF Print E-mail

By Ekrem Dumanlı
Editor, Zaman

Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, who has inspired a worldwide network active in education, charity and outreach, has described large-scale slander, pressure and oppression his Hizmet movement currently faces as worse than that seen during anti-democratic military coup regimes witnessed by Turkey. He also calls on his supporters to remain patient and steadfast and to not despair.

“What we are seeing today is 10 times worse than what we saw during the military coups,” he said, adding to that “we face similar treatment [as seen during the military coups] but at the hands of civilians who we think follow the same faith as us.”

Gülen's remarks represent a stark reminder of how he feels today in comparison to past military coups, during which he said he was prosecuted and persecuted. His comparison confirms what Turkish opposition parties are saying; namely, that the government in Turkey has staged a civilian coup and suspended the constitution and the rule of law in the country following the breakout of a corruption scandal on Dec. 17 of last year.

Zuma must step down PDF Print E-mail

By Zahid Asmal*

When I was 12 years old, I read a banned publication about the fight to realise a free, democratic, non racial South Africa wherein all will be equal before the law.
A year later, a friend who at the time was memorising the Quran pointed out to me various chapters of the book where references pertaining to justice and equality were made.
This had cemented my belief that I should always take a stand against injustice wherever it reared its head.
The ANC naturally became my ideological and political home.
Tata injected a dose of excitement into all of us, black and white, to hold hands and work towards a South Africa that made us all proud.
Mbeki, ruled with a great degree of firmness. He gave birth to the idea that Africa was one. He chastised the colonial masters for stealing our resources. He taught us about being African.
His reign also threw our movement into chaos, the effects of which has come home to haunt us.
We believed in our leaders, and we stood firm after robust debate.
Comrade President Jacob Zuma was chosen to lead us. We listened and stood firmly in his defence. We believed that sinister forces were behind a litany of accusations against Msholozi.
Today, secretary general, I and many die hard supporters of this institution, have become politically orphaned.
As difficult as it may be, there comes a time when we cannot defend glaring wrongfullness and the open looting of our resources.
While you have a tough job facing the cameras, we on the ground have a tougher job facing the people. We can no longer blindly defend impropriety.
Our people are not stupid, neither are they naive as they were 4 years ago.
In light of the public protectors report into the Nkandla project, heads must roll if we serious about being a government. Anything less, points to a group of men who can be accused of being agents.
I say agents, because I have a sense that you are directing all energies and efforts into the destruction of the ANC.
Remember that neither you, Madiba, or Tambo, was the ANC.
It belongs to all of us.
It’s time for our current leader to go. He has led.
We want history to remember Zuma as a hero and not as a zero.
If I, like many others, are asking too much, we will at least be walking away from a movement that gave us many proud moments.
On principle, we may not be able to vote for our ANC, or our vote won’t matter to you. We will at least take comfort that our abstinence will be based on the strong values the ANC has instilled in us.
*Zahid Asmal is a Johannesburg-based journalist. This is the text of his open letter to the ANC that appeared on the website of the community radio station, Voice of the Cape (www.vocfm.org)

Thuli leads by example PDF Print E-mail

By Zubeida Jaffer

Government teaches people by example. If the government becomes a law breaker, it breeds contempt for the law; it invites every man ( person) to become a law unto himself.

It was against this backdrop that Public Protector Thuli Madonsela said she was delivering her report on Nkandla to the public through the media on Wednesday last week. She further drew attention to Section 140 of the Constitution that states that “The President should protect and promote the rights of all people within the Republic: and that he will devote himself to the wellbeing of the Republic and all its people.”
Taken together, it was difficult for her “to reconcile the unconscionable expenditure” attached to the provision of security at the private home of the president in Nkandla, Kwa-Zulu Natal.
Thuli has done her job. As Public Protector, her job is spelt out under Section 182 of the Constitution. This section gives her the power to investigate any conduct in state affairs, or in the public administration in any sphere of government that is alleged or suspected to be improper. It instructs her to report openly about that investigation and to take appropriate remedial action.

Part of the investigation was conducted in terms of the Executive Members’ Ethics Act, 82 of 1998 which gives her the power to investigate alleged violation of the Ececutive Code of Ethics.
Reading the two reports below, the summary read out for three hours live on television and the final report, demonstrates that she has fulfilled her duties.
The initial budget of R27 million for the security upgrade now stands at R246 million.
The report shows that state officials violated spending rules, supply-chain rules administrative rules. It shows that the Zuma family benefitted improperly from the upgrades, that there was inadvertent political interference in the project and that funds were diverted from other important projects. The president was guilty of ethical violations in that he failed to protect state resources and should pay back a portion of the funds.

While Thuli Madonsela has meticulously followed the rules allowed constitutionally for the Public Protector, the same cannot be said for President Zuma, some of his cabinet colleagues and senior state officials. Rules were flouted with ease.
She has taught us the right way by example.
The President has taught us the opposite and embarrassed his people.
Whichever way one chooses to look at it, the conclusion is the same.

*The Summary
* The Final Report

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Manuel objects to being drawn into the DA-AGANG train smash and says DA is trapped in a contradiction PDF Print E-mail

Minister Trevor Manuel responded this week to a letter in the Business Day rejecting the suggestion that he was offered the leadership of the DA.

The letter was penned by a Mr Andrew Young in the UK. I publish both letters below:

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